BHN Member Spotlight

Kaitlin Grogg

Current Position

BHN student volunteer

How long have you been a RDN?

0 years

How long have you been in the Behavior Health Nutrition area?

I have been in BHN for almost two years

Why did you join BHN?

I joined BHN when I joined the academy because I want to help provide resources to individuals who are either struggling or want to learn more about the various topics involved in BHN. During my undergraduate career, I have developed a strong interest in how mental illness and nutrition tie together and this practice group helps expand my knowledge in those topics. Even as a student, I am excited to help the organization in any way possible. I am excited to promote the ideas of BHN, especially body positivity on social media to people of all ages.

How has BHN helped you professionally?

BHN has helped me connect with registered dietitians with similar interests as myself. It also has taught me a lot about weight inclusivity, substance use, eating disorders, and IDD. There are lots of resources that I use to further my knowledge in the topics, even as a student.

What do you think other RDs should know about BHN?

RD’s should know that there are so many resources that BHN provides from webinars, to discussion boards, to office hours with resource professionals. They should also know that BHN is a great way to make connections with other dietitians in similar fields as them. I think they should also know that this field is extremely important to be familiar with when dealing with patients

A little about me

I am a junior dietetics student at Rutgers University. I am originally from Pennsylvania. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, hiking, and spending time with friends and family. After I graduate, I plan on becoming a registered dietitian and hopefully working in an inpatient mental facility with people who have eating disorders.

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