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Member Spotlight - Lauren Krott, BS

How long have you been an RDN?
I am currently a graduate student and hope to receive my RDN credential in early 2025!

Current Position?
I am a graduate student at the University of Delaware in the combined master’s in nutrition and dietetics and dietetic internship program. 

Are there any duties or responsibilities that you have in your position that you’d like to highlight?
I am a graduate research assistant studying dietary behaviors in children with neurodevelopmental disabilities using the 2021 National Survey of Children’s Health. On this project, I am responsible for creating research objectives and programming commands into software for analysis. 

How long have you been in the Behavior Health Nutrition area?
I started in the Behavioral Health Nutrition setting by serving as the president of the Nutrition and Disabilities Club on my campus in 2020. The Nutrition and Disabilities Club hosts nutrition education events and recipe demonstrations for individuals with disabilities. This is where my passion started for helping the disability community.  

Can you describe your journey to working in behavioral health nutrition? Any specific milestones or experiences?
In the spring of 2023, I worked 150 hours as a nutrition education intern at EPIC Delaware, which is a fitness program for adults with disabilities. At the very end of my internship, a member wrote me a note saying, “My family and I appreciate your nutrition flyers, and we saved ALL of them and put them on the fridge.” This was a milestone for me because I felt like I made nutrition fun and impactful to the community!

Why did you join BHN?
I joined BHN in 2019 because I really connected with the members and the DPG’s mission at FNCE in Philadelphia! 

Are there any specific benefits, resources, or opportunities that you find particularly useful with your membership?
One of my favorite things about my BHN membership is getting news about upcoming webinars in this field to keep learning.

How has BHN helped you professionally?
BHN has helped me create connections with other healthcare professionals in my area of interest even though I am only a student! 

What do you think other RDN’s should know about BHN?
BHN is a wonderful community that can support you in any phase of your journey as an RDN, or in my case, becoming an RDN. 

A little about me

  • I was recently named “Honored Student Member” at the BHN dinner at FNCE in Denver, CO.
  • By the end of the year, I want to be a co-author on my first published paper! 
  • I recently adopted two cats, Moo Moo and Peanut, who keep me very busy
  • My LinkedIn url is https://www.linkedin.com/in/lauren-krott-ntdt/ 


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