BHN Member Spotlight

Allison Taylor MPH, RDN

Current Position


How long have you been a RDN?

Exactly two months upon writing this entry! So far, it’s been an exciting two months.

How long have you been in the Behavior Health Nutrition area?

As someone who lived through, and recovered from, an eating disorder, I have intimate personal experience in the Behavior Health Nutrition area. I’ve integrated concepts such as intuitive eating into my work as a diet technician, dietetic intern, and youth development mentor for the past three years.

Why did you join BHN?

Developing a positive and loving relationship with ourselves, and our body is an integral part of any healing process. As we heal, we learn what it means to respect ourselves and our body, we learn that we must nourish ourselves with nutrient dense thoughts and foods. Members of BHN understand this and work diligently every day to help their clients learn how to nourish themselves on their journey to healing. I want to be in a community of health professionals who are passionate about healing the mind and body with food, so that I can feel inspired and continue to grow my knowledge base regarding helping clients heal as a Registered Dietitian.

How has BHN helped you professionally?

Although I’ve been a member of BHN for only a few months, I’ve gotten lost in reading and absorbing information about the experiences other RDs have had in their practice. I’m confident that I’ll be able to pull from others’ experiences and discussions to improve my work in the eating disorder recovery field.

What do you think other RDs should know about BHN?

Behavioral Health Nutrition is an emerging topic in not only the nutrition and dietetics community, but in healthcare at large. Learning how to integrate emotional and mental health into our practice is essential to providing optimal whole person care.

A little about me

I’m lucky to have been born and raised in a lively, diverse, and progressive city south of Seattle called Renton. I earned my undergraduate degree at Central Washington University where I majored in Dietetics and minored in Dance. From there, I went on to pursue my Master’s of Public Health with a concentration in social justice and community education from Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington. Finally, I completed my dietetic internship with Lafayette General Health in Lafayette, Louisiana. Life has given me amazing opportunities to live in different places like Louisiana, Oregon, and Washington where I’ve learned about the many ways one can experience the world. I utilize my varied experiences in combination with a public health, trauma informed, and social justice lens to provide quality care to all patients. I’m excited to harness my skills as a new eating disorder dietitian and continue to grow in the field.

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