Here are our Annual BHN 2023 Award Winners!

Your Behavioral Health Nutrition DPG Nominations Committee worked hard this year compiling submissions for our Annual 2023 BHN DPG Professional Awards. Our committee ethically compiled submissions, reviewed qualifications and chose this year's winners. We are proud to announce the winners below. Some winners shown were present to accept their award at the BHN Dinner Reception at FNCE® 2023 in Denver, CO. Congratulations!

Honored Student Member:
Lauren Krott

Excellence in Practice: Eating Disorders
Caroline Shermer, MS, RD, CEDS

Excellence in Practice: Addictions
Stephanie Arnold, MS, RDN, LDN/LD

Excellence In Interdisciplinary Education
Sarah Oropeza, MPH, RDN, LD

Excellence in Research
Meg Salvia, MS, RDN, CEDRD-S

Excellence in Practice: IDD
Janice Goldschmidt, MPH, MS, RD, LDN

Excellence in Practice: Mental Health:
Allison Leonard, RD

Honored Member - Career Achievement

2019 Lester Rosenzweig

2018 Diane Spear

Excellence in Written Communication

2019 Elyse Resch & Evelyn Tribole

2018 Janice Goldschmidt

Excellence in Professional Integrity

2019 Marci Evans

Friend of BHN

2018 Paula Quatromoni

Distinguished Member

2017 Sharon Lemons

2016 April Winslow

2015 Sharon Feucht

2014 Carin Kreutzer

2013 Charlotte Caperton-Kilburn

2012 Diane Spear

2011 Ruth Ann Foiles Brunet

2010 Marion Taylor Baer

2008 Shirley Ekvall

2007 Harriet Cloud

Excellence in Practice: Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Excellence in Practice: Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

2017 Wendy Wittenbrook

2016 Patricia Novak

2015 Catherine Conway

2014 Andrea Shotton

2012 Lee Wallace

2011 Joan Guthrie Medlen

2010 Paula Cushing

2009 Anne Overmyer

2008 Betty Lucas

Excellence in Practice: Eating Disorders

2017 Adrien Paczosa

2016 Tammy Beasley

2015 Therese Shumaker

2014 Rebecca Bitzer

2012 Eileen Myers

2011 Karen Wetherall

2010 Jessica Setnick

2009 Roberta Pearle Lamb

2008 Molly Kellogg

Excellence in Practice: Mental Health

2017 Jessie Hann

2016 Terry Anderson

2015 Lisa Diers

2014 Linda Venning

2012 Kathryn Russell

2011 Marilyn Ricci

2010 Ruth Leyse-Wallace

2009 Sharon Wojnaroski

2008 Zaneta Pronsky

Excellence in Practice: Addictions

2017 David Wiss

2016 Yulia Brockdorf

2015 Cynthia Rutkowski

2011 Lisa Beckley-Barrett

2009 Anne Hatcher

2007 Renee Hoffinger