Behavioral Health Nutrition is an inspiring group concerned with the health and well-being of individuals in the practice areas of:

  • Addictions
  • Eating Disorders
  • Mental Health
  • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Membership Benefits

FREE Live Webinars

Get Continuing Education credits for free as a  BHN member. Webinars are posted online and are available for purchase after the live webinar has been recorded. Check out Events/Webinars for more information.

Bi-Annual Newsletter

BHN publishes The BHNewsletter a bi-annual newsletter with up-to-date information from the professionals. In the BHNewsletter you will find peer-reviewed professional articles, original research, practice tips, interviews with the experts and much more to guide and support you in your practice. Contributions are always welcome, in the form of articles, current topics that you would like to read about, and suggestions for potential authors. For more information contact our Newsletter Editors at

Monthly Updates

BHN publishes monthly “BHN In The kNOW” news briefs to update members on upcoming events and news pertinent to your practice areas.  Contributions are always welcome.  Send your contribution to:

Website –

Our dynamic website serves as a major resource with current information that will assist you in your practice.

Members-Only Discussion Board

FREE access to hundreds of members and their expertise on the members-only Discussion Board where you can ask questions of others instead of reinventing the wheel! We have had a wonderful exchange of information and ideas with prompt responses for members looking for ideas or support with challenging practice questions. Access the Discussion Board here.

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Upcoming Events List

Member Forums

Located in the Member’s section , this is a great place to post questions and share advice with others.

Resource Professionals

FREE and unlimited access to Resource Professionals in all 4 areas of practice:

Jean Daniello, MS, RDN, LDN, CDE (2017-2019)
Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Resource Professional

Haley Goodrich, RD, LDN, CEDRD (2018-2020)
Eating Disorders Resource Professional

Ashley Lytwyn, MS, RDN (2019-2021)
Addictions Resource Professional

Theresa Carmichael, RD (2020-2022)
Mental Health Resource Professional

Speaker’s Bureau

As a member benefit, BHN has dedicated a page open to the public to connect groups and organizations with nutrition professionals for speaking engagements and/or presentations.  To participate, submit a current headshot, your credentials, and your speaking topics/areas of expertise to

Networking Opportunities

BHN promotes networking opportunities with dietetic professionals who have similar professional interests and experiences.  Join the EML, Forums, and upcoming live events to share with your peers.

Free Continuing Education

FREE Continuing Education credits – just for reading the BHNewsletter! The BHNewsletter provides continuing education opportunities, concentrating on one Behavioral Health practice area each quarter. Look for more information in the Members Only area to read articles and take quizzes online! Select categories 200 and 720 of the Professional Development Portfolio Guide for credit.

Case Studies

Check out the Member Area for Case Studies with CEUs available.

wel_img3.jpgMember Discounts

A discount on BHN’s tools for better practice: The Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Resource CD. The Psychiatric Resource CD is in revision process.

Member Marketplace

Check out the Member Marketplace in under the Shopping tab.  This is a great place for members to post books, guides, and business services such as training and web-based resources that they have developed.  We provide a link right to your site so all sales proceeds go directly to you.

Standards of Practice and Professional Performance

The opportunity to participate in the process of improving Standards of Practice and Standards of Professional Performance for Dietitians in Behavioral Health Care, working toward a future with the possible creation of Specialty Certification Exams in each of our four practice areas.

Opportunities for Involvement

BHN is your practice group, so get involved!  If you want to develop your leadership skills, meet people, or learn how BHN operates, you can volunteer to work with us on a project.

BHN Student Committee

BHN Students now have a Facebook group where they share ideas and create opportunities for involvement in the DPG.

If you’re a student looking to become more involved in BHN, you can contact our Student Liaison Chair at

Social Media

BHN has a great presence on a variety of social media outlets.  Make sure to follow us for the most up to date information!


We hope that you find your membership in BHN to be the best investment you have made for your career this year!  We look forward to hearing from you!