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Providing information and resources for Nutrition Professionals active in the areas of eating disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities, addictions, and mental health. Behavioral Health Nutrition (BHN) is a Dietetic Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.


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Jennifer Costello, LCSW, RD, LDN

Current Position

Private Practice

How long have you been a RDN?

I have been an RD for 11 years and an LCSW for 6 years

How long have you been in the Behavior Health Nutrition area?

I have worked primarily in mental health for the past 6 years and have integrated my nutrition knowledge within this field.  As an LCSW, I worked in inpatient and outpatient settings as well as in private practice.  In my private practice, I work with individuals with mood disorders, personality disorders as well those struggling with eating disorders, disordered eating and body image.

Why did you join BHN?

I joined BHN to enhance my skills through a dietetic point of view within the mental health field. It has benefited me to approach this work we do with individuals from different vantage points as there are so many ways we can help people. Being able to integrate the knowledge from nutrition and social work has made me a better clinician and better able to help my clients.

How has BHN helped you professionally?

I have gained nutrition knowledge as well as skills and tools regarding eating disorders, mental health, addictions and IDD.  I have been able to apply this knowledge with my clients in the therapy room which has been beneficial.  BHN has also offered resources and peer professionals to further enhance my knowledge and provide professional support.  This group has advanced me as a clinician and proven extremely valuable.

What do you think other RD’s should know about BHN?

The dietitians in this group are dedicated and passionate about helping and advocating for the behavioral health population. If you join BHN you will gain a wealth of knowledge, skills and tools that will benefit you, regardless of the field you are in.  As dietitians, we do not just focus on people’s physical bodies, but also their thoughts, emotions and spirits. This group aims to see, support and work alongside all aspects of an individual.

A little about me

I graduated in 2007 with my BS in Nutrition from University of Illinois at Chicago and worked as a dietitian, in both a hospital and gym for almost 5 years. After working with individuals in a variety of settings I found my skills were best served in talking with individuals about what lied underneath their behaviors, their thoughts and emotions. I graduated in 2012 with my Masters in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis and spent the next 2 years gaining my clinical hours in both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric settings. Over the past 4 years I have worked in private practice as an LCSW with individuals with a variety of diagnosis. I am passionate about helping those with disordered eating and body image issues.  I consider this work I do a privilege and my clients have been my greatest teachers.


I currently live in Chicago with my husband, 3 daughters and bulldog, Gus. I enjoy reading, practicing yoga and my new favorite – family movie nights.



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