The Gut-Brain Axis: Can You Eat Yourself Happy




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The Gut-Brain Axis: Can You Eat Yourself Happy?

April 21, 2020
9am PST, 11pm CST,  12pm EST
Recent research has exposed a rich symbiosis between humans and the gut microbiome. It is important enough to our health that the mother expends considerable energy helping to kick-start a microbiome in newborns, from the vaginal microbiome to the microbes of breast milk. This early exposure to commensal bacteria alters brain development and guides the future interaction between the gut and the brain, affecting mood and mental health.

Scott Anderson (Science Writer and Co-author of ‘The Psychobiotic Revolution) 

I’ve always been fascinated with science and technology. After graduating with a degree in Physics and Math, I jumped into the world of personal computers, forming Sonoma Softworks, one of the first personal computer software companies in California.

I wrote the first educational software published by Apple (Supermap), the first PC database manager (Datadex), and the first vector animation program (Fantavision, a forerunner of Flash). I produced the 3D educational game LEGO Island, managing a two million dollar budget. I assembled and directed the programming and art team, and coordinated marketing and development efforts with Microsoft, Intel, Adobe and LEGO. It generated $20 million in sales in the first month on the market. I was a co-founder of BigFix Software, which was subsequently purchased by IBM for half a billion dollars.

I have written seven books on technology and hundreds of articles on subjects ranging from video to advanced medicine. I coauthored one of the first books on stem cells, Human Embryonic Stem Cells, with Dr. Ann Kiessling of Harvard. The book is used in graduate schools throughout the country. My latest book is The Psychobiotic Revolution, coauthored with John Cryan and Ted Dinan from National Geographic. I am currently working with Cryan and Dinan on a book about stress, Your Stress Is Killing You. I’m currently writing Mood by Microbe for Psychology Today.


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