RECORDED WEBINAR: Gut-Brain Axis: The Intersection of Gastrointestinal and Mental Health Disorders





BHN Webinar:

“Gut-Brain Axis: The Intersection of Gastrointestinal and Mental Health Disorders”

RECORDED ON March 23, 2016

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Cost: Free


Webinar presented by: Janelle Smith, MS, RD

The second brain – the gut – has a powerful impact on mental health. Understand the significant relationships in the gut-brain axis and how to apply this information in treating mental health disorders. Learn to identify gastrointestinal disorders that impact mental health disease, and mental health disorders that impact gastrointestinal health. Learn nutrition therapy techniques for treating mental health via improving gut health.



  1. Understand the relationship between gut health and mental health from a biochemical perspective
  2. Identify and screen for appropriate referral: gastrointestinal disorders impacting mental health status and vice versa
  3. Apply medical nutrition therapy for improving gut health in the treatment of mental health disorders


CPE level: Level 2: General knowledge of literature and professional practice in areas covered.  
Learning Needs: 5320: Psychiatric disorders, anxiety; 5220: Gastrointestinal disorders; 5110: Allergies, sensitivities, intolerances; 5120: Autoimmune diseases, arthritis, lupus; 5200: Disordered eating; and 5350: Substance abuse, alcoholism.

Speaker Biography: Janelle Smith developed a keen interest in the intersection of gastrointestinal disease and mental health after going undiagnosed with celiac disease for five years, all the while being treated for mental illness. Today she is consulting dietitian and Medical Advisory Board Member to the Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF). She recently was featured in Today’s Dietitian to illuminate the important role of the dietitian for improving mental and emotional health for individuals with gluten-related disorders. Janelle is also dietitian of eating disorders and chemical dependency programs at La Ventana Treatment Centers in Santa Monica, and owner of her private practice Janelle Smith Nutrition. She specializes in differentiating gastrointestinal disorders from mental health disorders in both workspaces. Janelle earned her Masters degree in Family and Consumer Sciences with concentration of Nutrition & Dietetics from California State University Northridge, and completed her dietetic internship with the Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System.