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Get involved as a BHN Student!
  • ‘BHN Students’ now has a Facebook group where we share ideas and create opportunities for involvement in the DPG
  • We are currently updating this Student section of the BHN website and are looking for original contributions of articles relevant to behavioral health nutrition
  • We are also planning to develop Fact Sheets and other handouts for use by BHN members as well as the public
  • There are plans to develop a formal mentor/mentee program for students to connect with, and study under BHN RD’s
  • We have started trending #BHNstudents on Twitter and have built a fantastic social media team.
  • We are always looking for new ways to promote awareness of BHN and are interested in hearing your ideas!
  • If you’re a student looking to become more involved in BHN, you can contact the Student Liaison Chair or the Student Newsletter Editors.
  • To get involved with our student blog contact our student blog manager Seena Curry.
Student Blog

We are excited to announce the launch of the BHN Student Blog, which is a place for students to seek and share advice, thoughts, and feelings on an assortment of topics, such as internships, programs, practice specialties, and much more. Each and every post is for students, by students.

Each month, we take a handful of students and publish their posts on our blog site. This is a great opportunity to:

1) Share your knowledge with other student members

2) Get plenty of writing practice for future publications

3) Amp up your resume for future positions or internships

Check out the link below to see this month’s posts about finding internships that are a good fit for you:

 We are looking for authors to write ~500 words about their past/present/future programs and how the program impacted their career direction and choices, as well as any other information future students may want to know when starting a new program. The title of each post will be the program itself and the school that hosts it (e.g. Nutritional Sciences at San Jose State University). For all submissions, please email them to our Student Liaison Kelsey Rose.  Please include a short author bio with your submission (picture is optional).

If you have any suggestions for future topics to be covered on the blog, tweet at us using the hashtag #BHNstudents (@BHNDPG), or email them to Seena Curry, our Student Blog Manager.


Health and Nutriton Disparities of People with Serious Mental Illness and Associated Opportunites for Dietetic Students and Professionals
Written by Cynthia Johnson, BS, BA

Exercise Compulsion and Eating Disorder Too Much of a Good Thing
Written by Sara R. Wilburn, BSDN

A Place for Eating Disorders Within Attachment Theory’s Frame
Written by Kelsey N. Wallour, BSFCS

Opportunities in Behavior Health for DTR and DPD Graduates
Written by Cynthia Johnson, Dietetic Intern

Orthorexia Nervosa: How is this Affecting the Male Population?
Written by Dylan A. Bailey

Putting the Eating Back in Eating Disorders
Written by Kelsey N. Wallour, BSFCS

The Value and Skills Students Bring to BHN
Written by Caroline Yoder

Caffeine, Nicotine, Nutrition: Practical Implications for Substance Abuse Recover
Written By: David Wiss, BA, CPT

Pregnancy and Substance Abuse
Written By: David Wiss, BA, CPT

Mindful Eating to Improve Health and Well Being
Written By: Marley Peale Braun, MS, CN

Nutritional Effects of Student Binge Drinking
Written By: Stephanie Joppa and Marley Peale

Student Corner Winter 2010: Now is the Time to Get Involved The Role of the University Dietitian in Alcohol Abuse Prevention Written By: Deonna Hughes, BS

College Nutrition: Reducing the Stress & Anxiety
Written By: Marley Peale Braun, MS

Set Yourself Apart – Consider the Global Market
Written By: Stephanie Joppa