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Books & Publications


Group Home Cookbook

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by Janice Goldschmidt

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Nutrition and Mental Health - Book cover scanned - saved as jpe

Nutrition and Mental Health

By Ruth Leyse-Wallace, PhD


Welcome to the Rebelution

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Your Child and Eosinophilic Esophagitis

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The Recovery Diet

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The Diet Manual

Perfect for Long Term Facilities: Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living and Group Homes

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Linking Nutrition and Mental Health - Book cover as jpg

Linking Mental Health to Nutrition

By Ruth Leyse-Wallace, PhD

Support Your Mental Health ...Booklet cover as jpeg

Support Your Mental Health with Good Nutrition

By Ruth Leyse-Wallace, PhD


Taste the Sweet Rebellion

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Hands On Nutrition Education

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Preparing Puree Meals

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Wellness Not Weight

by Ellen R. Glovsky, PhD, RD, LDN

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Businesses and Services


Welcome to iLiveWell Business Academy! This course is our first course to guide you towards opening and running the private practice of your dreams.

  • In school I was not taught the basics of business and marketing, or anything related to having a business or private practice. For me I learned about foodservice and what is the best way to serve green beans (tongs is the correct answer on my CDE exam).
  • Somehow we began to believe that making money is wrong, and that begins to mess with our self worth and our industry.
  • There wasn’t easily accessible guides for dietitians/wellness processionals in private practice that seems like it expressed my unique, creative, and fun personality.

This is where my journey began over 10 years ago. Through that time I learn so much and want to share that with you!

In Good Health,
Adrien Paczosa, RD, LD, CEDRD 
Registered and Licensed Dietitian Certified Eating Disorder Supervisor 
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Past Chair 2016-17
Media Rep


As dietitians, we rarely receive enough training on working with clients with eating disorders. That’s why I created this 5 part online course, modeled after the live courses I’ve taught, to give you groundwork you need to work with the eating disorder population. 5 classes, rented or bought, to be watched whenever you prefer, loads of handouts, and 7.5 CEUs. Learn more and get started at: