RECORDED WEBINAR: The Psychology of Athletes: Essentials for Registered Dietitians and Health Professionals




BHN Recorded Webinar

The Psychology of Athletes: Essentials for Registered Dietitians & Health Professionals

Recorded:  Friday, February 9, 2018

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Presented By:

Kate Bennett, PsyD.



Athletes, from recreational to professional levels, often seek nutritional support to optimize their performances.  Knowing that Registered Dietitians are a first point of contact for athletes looking to make changes, it is essential that these professionals are familiar with various mental health concerns that athletes may struggle with but are unable (or unwilling) to recognize themselves.  In addition to recognizing the potential signs and symptoms of mental health concerns, it is also critical that Registered Dietitians develop skills for sharing their concerns, as well as, understand the referral process.


  1.  Identify various mental health concerns commonly seen in athletes
  2. Self-assessment of counseling skills and development of plan to acquire new skills
  3. Summarize scope of practice for RDNs and the referral process to other professionals.

CPE level:  2

Learning Needs: 

3020: Assessment of target groups, populations

5200: Disordered eating

5320: Psychiatric disorders

6060: Learning needs assessment, learning plan development, & evaluation

1010: Career planning, Standards of Practice, Standards of Professional Performance, Scope of Dietetic Practice Framework,


Suggested Performance Indicators:

1.2.1 Identifies and takes the appropriate steps to maintain and enhance competence.

1.2.3 Refers customer to the appropriate professional and/or service provider when needs are beyond personal or professional scope of practice.

1.3.2 Recognizes the strengths and limitation of a customer.

8.3.2 Implements a plan for continual professional improvement.

9.6.4 Assesses customer’s readiness to change when applying specific counseling strategies.


Speaker Biography:

Kate Bennett, PsyD, is a Clinical Sport Psychologist and the director of Athlete Insight, PC. She supports the clinical and performance needs of athletes worldwide and specializes in the treatment of athletes recovering from eating disorders. Prior to becoming a psychologist, Dr. Bennett was an athletic trainer and cycling coach. During her coaching career, she coached several state and national champions as well as earned two national championships herself. As a sport psychologist, she watched several of her athletes win national championships as well as excel as collegiate and professional athletes.  Dr. Bennett has presented the American Psychological Association, Association for Applied Sport Psychology, Female Athlete Conference, International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals Foundation, and Medicine of Cycling conferences. In addition, she authored “Eating Disorders in Athletes” (Eating Disorders in Special Populations, 2017) and co-authored “Motivation and Mental Training” (Cycling Science, 2017).

CEU Expiration: 02/09/2021