RECORDED BHN Webinar: “Nutrition Implications and Interventions for Alcoholism”




BHN Webinar:

“Nutrition Implications and Interventions for Alcoholism”


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Cost: Free

 Webinar presented by: Carly Siceloff, MS RD LDN

Synopsis: According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, excessive alcohol use takes the lives of approximately 88,000 people per year in the United States. Alcohol affects every organ in the body, including the liver, brain, kidneys, reproductive system, gastrointestinal tract and heart. This webinar will review the biological impacts of excessive alcohol intake along with the complications associated with nutrient deficiencies and co-morbidities that result from alcohol abuse.


  1. Understand the diagnostic criteria and screening tools used to assess for alcoholism
  2. Understand how organ systems are impacted by excessive alcohol intake, the conditions that develop as a result – including the causes and symptoms of alcohol withdrawal
  3. Understand nutritional interventions available and necessary to treat alcoholism and prevent relapse


CPE level: Level 1 – Little or no prior knowledge of subject  
Learning Needs: 5000 MNT, 5240 hepatic disorders, 5280 nutrient deficiencies, 5350 substance abuse, alcoholism

Speaker Biography:Carly Headsot

Carly Siceloff is a licensed registered dietitian with a master’s degree in Human Nutrition from Winthrop University. Carly works for Orlando Recovery Center, located in Central Florida, where she provides nutrition therapy for eating disorders, substance abuse issues, addictions and mental health concerns. Her facility offers acute medical detox, primary residential treatment, intensive outpatient and aftercare. She partners with a strong multi-disciplinary team who shares the common goal of maximizing nutrition interventions to improve patient outcomes via relapse prevention and increased nutritional quality of life.

Carly is actively involved in the dietetic community and is a proud member of numerous professional organizations, some of which include: The International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals, The National Eating Disorder Association, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Behavioral Health Nutrition dietary practice group. Carly is currently working toward obtaining her Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD).

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