About BHN

Established in 1977, Behavioral Health Nutrition (BHN) is a specialized professional dietetic practice group of over 1700 members within the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. With over 75,000 members, the Academy is the nation’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. BHN Members provide food and nutrition services for persons with addictions, eating disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and mental health needs.

 Our Mission

Provide resources and support which empower Behavioral Health Nutrition (BHN) members to excel in the areas of addictions, eating disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and mental health.

 Our Vision

Optimize the physical and cognitive health of those we serve through nutrition education and behavioral health counseling.


About FNCE® 2016:

Being a sponsor at the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo™ (FNCE®) provides opportunities to strengthen your outreach to professionals that influence millions of individuals with nutritional needs.

FNCE® provides an unmatched resource for gathering the latest information and innovations related to food, nutrition, and dietetics — an exclusive, once-a-year opportunity for dietitians and the food and nutrition industry to participate in live demonstrations, meet face-to-face and collaborate. The event attracts a wide audience of professionals, including dietitians, health and nutrition professionals, chefs, and students.


Other Sponsorship Opportunities

In addition to the opportunity to be a FNCE® sponsor, BHN also offers a variety of other avenues for sponsorship including our website, our BHNewsletter,webinars, member giveaways, and other future activities.



BHN welcomes organizations, businesses, companies and individuals whose business practices align with our mission and vision. BHN promotes professional excellence by providing innovative professional development and networking opportunities for its members, who are highly influential nutrition professionals.

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